We currently do not have any art exhibitions due to ongoing renovations in our back room. Please check back soon for upcoming shows.

Local artist, Joshua Pickens, has hand-crafted art for sale at the barista counter. He specializes in hand-carved bottles, whiskey jugs, country flasks (small whiskey jugs) beer growlers, and mugs.


Heather Joi

Heather Joi, from the series, “Air Prayer”, acrylic ink on book pages, 8″ X 5″

Heather Joi is a Baltimore-based artist, musician, poet, and art model. She considers herself to be a surreal abstract expressionist and a visionary artist. Born in West Virginia to a military family, Joi, who also served in the military, is both highly disciplined and prolific as a self-taught artist. She has been drawing since childhood and was mentored by West Virginia artist Ron Smyth.

A visual and performance artist, Joi says that her work conveys the paradoxically unifying concepts in spirituality, art and science connected by the psychic, mystical and the surreal.

With a deep interest in astro and quantum physics and Christian mysticism, Joi discovered through play with nature a similarity in the patterns that exist both in the micro and macrocosm. Joi describes her art as follows,

“For me painting is a spiritually life sustaining meditative practice, an essential exercise in intuitive visual interaction with line, form, color, movement, and vibration. My work is not intended to convey some deep concept or clever idea, it is a simple mind/body/spirit-mirror-image-landscape playground produced from thoughtless trance. As a hopeful dreamer, it is my desire that as you gaze into these various hallucinatory mirror clouds, you see some aspect of yourself and fall in love.

I have to paint in order to see the parallel and unifying dimensions of reality. When I set out to create, I empty myself in a search for an answer to a question that I do not yet know. It is a hallucinogenic cloud gazing experience where I feel that all I have are tools and the idea is passing through me like a conduit.”

For Joi, the meaning of her paintings often comes long after the act of painting. She says, “If I have a predetermined idea it can get in the way of what wants to be revealed or unveiled. The less I try to enforce the better.”

Joi is also a member of the Funky Bass and Beat Group Known as “F”. As a performance artist, Joi has performed at many Baltimore venues and festivals including Creative Alliance, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore Museum of Art, ArtScape, Pow Wow, City Arts Gallery, and Gallery 788. Joi’s exhibition runs from early October through December 2014.

Sarah Schwartz

Sarah Schwartz, “Fortuitous Alignment”, acrylic paint, chalk pastel, acrylic medium, and water, 48″ X 24″

Sarah Schwartz is a Baltimore based artist, who works in a variety of visual art mediums. A painter at heart, Sarah has always been drawn to visual art so as to deepen her connection to the mystery and joy of co-creation, to transform emotionally charged energy, as well as expressing the deep yearnings of the soul. Also a yoga teacher, Sarah finds that embodied spirituality and visual art intersect in myriad ways, weaving a tapestry of trust and metamorphosis. Currently, Sarah is re-exploring the medium of metal, co-creating wearable sculptures in the form of jewelry. A theme that runs through all of her work, with metal, painting, and pen, are the subtleties of the feminine form and expression, as well as transformation and letting go. Each medium the artist explores, she finds as it’s own unique expression of these underlying themes. Sarah received a BFA in 2006 from Frostburg State University. The artist has shown her work in various venues in the Baltimore area, including a solo show at Atwater’s, Belvedere Square in 2010. Sarah has been teaching art to inner city youth for the past three years, in conjunction with the Baltimore based Non-profit Organization, Art With A Heart. The artist also is the co-founder of a Baltimore Arts Collective called Channel Source Arts Connective, which showed at the Filling Station in 2012. Sarah’s exhibition runs from August through October.
Josef Richardson

Josef Richardson, “Falls Road Trail”, digital photo-collage

Josef Richardson is a 2D/3D artist who has done Special FX for movies and video games.

This series of images reflects his use of digital photo-collage. Each final piece is a composite of anywhere from five to fifty distinct layers derived from his own Nature Photography.

Josef states,”Their other-worldliness demonstrates my eternal desire to take the viewer’s perception to a place it’s never been before.”

His exhibition runs from mid-June through August 2014.
Blake Conroy
Blake Conroy, “Sunflower”, laser cut paper

Blake Conroy is a local resident of Sparks, MD. He graduated from Syracuse University in 1979 with a major in illustration. He also attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1981. Throughout the years, Blake has exhibited work at various locations in Baltimore including Howard Community College, School 33, Morgan State University, Maryland Art Place, The Creative Alliance, and The Charles Theatre in the Station North Arts District. His recent works include intricate laser cut images inspired by nature. His exhibition runs from mid-April through mid-June.
Laura Ferrara

Laura Ferrara, “Sunset-Waverly”, digital color print, 20″ X 20″

Laura grew up in Chapel Hill, NC. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago. She loved painting and drawing as a child and knew it was a path that she wanted to pursue in life. She attended a summer art program at MICA and decided to study photography. Laura states, “I wanted to do something different than what I had been doing at home and in classes, so I decided to try my hand at photography. By the end of the summer, I was hooked.” Laura’s digital color images can be viewed from mid-February thru mid-April at The Filling Station.



Our current exhibition is a collection of original paintings by artist, SOGH, also known as Shawn Theron. His inspiring journey towards painting began with him capturing precious life moments of family and friends with his point and shoot camera. His positive spirit has allowed the opportunity for him to become an established and prolific artist.

SOGH says,”I create work for people that has a true life value to the piece on the wall, a powerful story that creates that very piece, a journey that it is a part of. It’s something that links us all together and all are a part of. It makes the world a more beautiful place – and that in itself is a huge part of the goal. Let us all come together and literally make the world a more beautiful place.”

SOGH’s work was exhibited in the “All Things Round” Exhibition at the American Visionary Art Museum. He has also shown work and sold many paintings at the AVAM museum store since 2006. Over the years, SOGH has sold thousands of paintings and has given paintings as donations within the Baltimore community. He has recently exhibited work at HonFest in Hampden. His paintings have been featured in many publications including Baltimore Magazine, What Weekly, The Urbanite, and Style Magazine. SOGH is currently creating Baltimore’s first art truck to be present in Baltimore in Spring 2014.

His exhibition runs mid-December thru mid-February.
Nancy Mitchell

“Hawaii” by Nancy Mitchell, acrylic on acetate, 2013, 11″ X 8 1/2″

Nancy Mitchell is a Baltimore artist and an art instructor. She has shown artwork throughout Baltimore for many years including the American Visionary Art Museum. Nancy says, “For my entire life, the whole of it in Baltimore, I have only wanted to make pictures and share them.  This series developed experimentally based on mood or fancy. Work, and the ideas follow. These ideas evolved from the objects and images in my immediate surroundings: vintage glass animal figurines, mid century magazines, epic stories of women with inward struggles, personal symbolism, a search for spirit, and the spirit of play. My art has been shown, sold and well received at the American Visionary Arts museum and other local venues for the last 20 years.

Her exhibition runs from Oct. 12-Dec. 14.

Nicole Parker

“Rushing Towards Suburban Monotony” by Nicole Parker, oil on canvas, 2011, 12″ X 24″

Nicole Parker recalls growing up on a small farm in northern Baltimore County inspired by her pastoral surroundings. A graduate of Roanoke College, Parker developed her love of the landscape through travel, including a summer studying in the small Italian town of Todi. Through her work, the artist hopes to celebrate her travels, as well as bring attention to the suburban development of rural lands. “I have always been enchanted by landscapes, both foreign and familiar and the way they are timeless yet always changing,” Parker says. “In my most recent body of work, I have worked to capture these qualities of fleeting and enduring, a task that is especially important to me when I travel.” About her Farmland Development series, Parker says, “My hope is that I can spread my own awareness and concerns about this suburban takeover of the rural landscape and help to preserve the land and local heritage of our farming community for years to come.”

The exhibition runs mid-August through mid-October. There will be an artist reception at the Filling Station on Sunday, September 8 from 1p.m.-4 p.m.

Rosemarie Hakim

“Potholes” by Rosemarie Hakim, oil on canvas, 19″ X 28″

Rosemarie Hakim is a Baltimore artist who enjoys painting landscapes and creating still life imagery. Some of her images using both mediums of painting and photography include places she visited while out west in Texas. Her study of painting include classes at MICA and at the Shuler School of Fine Arts Painters.

Artist Statement: “Although I have been doing art all my life, I moved toward science in my career. I took some adult education classes, including at the Maryland Institute College of Art, but no one really taught me to paint. A group of friends got together to give me a gift of lessons under the guidance of Shuler School of Fine Arts painters, a Baltimore school that teaches classical painting techniques. Since then I have worked under the mentorship of John Brandon Sills and David Buckley Good, both accomplished landscape painters. As you can see I have created a number of landscapes, both from Maryland and the American west. My aim is to create serene images of places, people, and things I love”.

Rosemarie’s exhibition runs from June 2-August 2, 2013.

Lee Connah

“Lady Luck” 12-String Resonator Guitar, 2009 by Lee Connah

Lee is a Baltimore artist who comes from a musical family. He grew up & was surrounded by music and began playing his own music in his 20’s. Also a handyman and carpenter, Lee began building and constructing his own instruments using found objects and recycled materials.

Lee’s says, “Historically, folk music was made on folk instruments–instruments made by hand by the player or someone the player probably knew. The factory-made instruments we take for granted today are a recent phenomenon. One of my goals is to explore and identify simple methods of construction that can enable anyone with basic skills and tools to successfully build an inexpensive, good-sounding instrument from materials at hand. As a carpenter, construction worker, and handyman I see lots of useful and beautiful “waste” material going into dumpsters everyday. As a thrift store denizen, pack rat, and tinkerer I enjoy finding unique objects and using them to fill unexpected needs in new ways. Add some Mardi Gras beads and glitter paint to the mix and a unique musical instrument is born”.

About the instruments:

“These fun and functional stringed musical instruments are built largely from salvaged and recycled lumber, construction debris, found objects, stock hardware, and other unorthodox materials. All necks and tops are made and shaped by hand–no parts are taken from existing instruments.” -Lee Connah

Lee’s exhibition will run from March 29 through May 31, 2013. His artist reception is Thursday, May 2 from 6pm-9pm at The Filling Station.

William Wright
“San Francisco Trees”, 2012, by William Wright, 16″ X 12″, oil on canvas

Residual Medley
“Residual Medley” by Ali Papademetriou, 30″ X 24″, oil on canvas

Ali Papademetriou is inspired by Marc Chagall and Carolyn Case. Her work focuses on color, abstraction, and movement. Ali attended a year at the Maryland Institute College of Art where she studied painting. She then began commissioning paintings, portrait drawings, and murals. In February 2012, Ali instructed an aftercare art program for young artists at the Montessori Manor school. Currently, Ali is working on improving her entrepreneurship as an artist by getting involved in local art shows and festivals such as NBCAF Art Fest and the Hereford Fall Fest. Ali says “I love to make art not only because it runs in my family’s genes, but also because it gives me an unexplainable sense of fulfillment. My subjects of choice are abstract compositions, funky landscapes, and people. Among my favorite materials are oil and watercolor. I select my materials based on my subject matter. Lighter more delicate compositions draw me to use watercolor, while bolder, more rich compositions draw me to use oil because I love being able to build layer over layer. I love how the luminosity of the oil brings my paintings to life. My current work focuses more on color relationships and abstract harmony than ever before. Years of creative experimentation have brought me to my current style and I enjoy the thrill and challenge of delving into new depths of technique. I am excited to see where my hands, eyes, and heart will lead me next.”

Ali’s exhibition runs from October 19 through the end of December 2012.

Mattye Hamilton

“Lemon Drop” by Mattye Hamilton, 30″ X 40″, acrylic and oil on canvas

Mattye Hamilton is a painter and printmaker living in Baltimore, MD. She received her BFA in painting from The Maryland Institute College of Art in 1994. She uses luscious, unexpected combinations of color, pattern, and line, infusing her work with equal measures of nature and style.

Hamilton’s work has been exhibited throughout Baltimore at places like Jordan Faye Contemporary, Patrick Sutton home and Fleckenstein Gallery. Her works have also been published in several magazines including Shape, MS., and Baltimore Magazine.

This is her third solo exhibition and will be having another upcoming solo exhibition at Minás Gallery in September. Mattye says: “When I paint I am illustrating the way in which I am connected to my environment. I am drawn to patterns, colors and figures that I see in daily life which I then use to populate a world of my own. I feel the energy from each individual piece and imagine the story it tells. I want my surfaces to radiate light and tease emotion. I become lost in the layers of paint and begin to formulate a story. The texture, color, and motion, which are important elements of my work complete the experience.”

Mattye’s work is on display August-October 2012 at Sparks Filling Station gallery space.

Channel Source Arts Connective

“Collaborative Painting I” by Sarah Schwartz and Jannon Baer from Channel Source Arts Connective, Live Painting to the music of Fractal Cat, 2012, acrylic on canvas.

Channel Source Arts Connective is an evolving artistic collaboration between Sarah Schwartz, Jannon Baer, and friends. Our intention is to facilitate a safe space for exploring the creative process using visual art–to open the channel, to tune in. We invite you to join us. This is an evolving creation….”

Sarah Schwartz is a Baltimore based artist who uses process as her inspiration. Also an art teacher and yoga instructor, Sarah seeks to explore *Awareness* during the creative process, allowing the creative act to be a meditation in and of itself.

Jannon Baer is a Northern Baltimore artist and resident who is inspired by nature, seasonal cycles, and the elements. She also draws inspiration from Eastern Philosophy and Five-Element Acupuncture. She views painting as a sacred practice & form of mindfulness meditation. She is constantly learning through experimenting through the use of various organic materials and mediums, spontaneous improvisation, and tapping into the “inner child”.

“Salty” by Cara Brittany, 28″ X 58″, oil & mixed media on canvas

Cara Brittany is a Towson University student studying Fine Arts with a focus in Painting and Drawing. She uses oils, mixed media, and drawing on canvas to create her technique. In her artist statement, Cara says: “Constant reoccurrences in my work include linear circumscribing shapes that are broken with ambiguous figures, suggested woodland, chosen text, paint drips and shapes of color. The specific imagery is chosen solely on the appreciation of the human figure, their style, and nature. The medium color intensity that makes up the images conveys an expressionistic and Pop Art appeal. Oil, acrylic, wood stain, graphite, and collage are all used to build up the various textures that emerge from my paintings.” Cara’s artwork is currently on display at The Filling Station Gallery space until the end of May.

“Red Head” by Gregory Bannister, 16″ X 20″, acrylic on canvas

Gregory Bannister is a self-taught artist and a Baltimore native. His work is bold and colorful to the eye. His subject matter depicts expressive faces and flowers using the medium of acrylic on both canvas and wooden mixed-media sculptures. Gregory’s paintings are currently on display and available for purchase at the Filling Station coffee shop until the end of March 2012. His work can also be viewed at the American Visionary Art Museum’s “Sideshow” gift shop.


We are pleased to announce that our newly renovated “garage” room has re-opened for you to stop by for a visit! Currently, Kelly Walker has an exhibition of abstract paintings on display through Spring 2012.

Kelly is a self-taught artist and owner of Baltimore Artstar, a decorative painting company. Baltimore Artstar specializes in faux finishes and hand-painted decorative works for residential spaces. Kelly’s mixed-media paintings on display are decorative abstract images that refer to landscapes, graffiti, color field, and wallpaper. She uses a variety of materials such as metal leaf, plaster, resin, and acrylic on board and canvas. Kelly is a 2010 People’s Choice prize winner from the BMA’s Baker Artist Awards.


photo: “‘40 Olds” by Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long-Color Photography Exhibition-May 10, 2010-July 11, 2010

Jennifer is a Baltimore native who now lives near Lancaster, PA. Her color photography depicts scenes of Baltimore: Mt. Vernon church, Enoc Pratt Library, antique cars, and flowers. She uses a metallic paper to print her photographs which enhances both the image and colors. Jennifer says, “The photographs I consider to be my best are those in which I have an emotional connection. I wait for that connection to reveal itself, for the purpose of the photograph to emerge.” Her exhibition is at Sparks Filling Station from May 10, 2010 through July 11, 2010.

Summer Underwood

“The Cody Road to Yellowstone” by Summer Underwood

Summer Underwood-Photography Exhibition-March 15-May 9, 2010 at Sparks Filling Station.

Summer is a MICA graduate with a major in Photography and Art History. She is a Baltimore native and resides in Northern Baltimore. She has also lived in Wyoming which she considers to be her second home. Her photography exhibition includes a series of black and white images of the NCR Trail (now known as Torrey C. Brown Trail) and a color series of photographs taken while she lived in Wyoming. Summer says, “Photography is not only an escape it is an exploration. My photographic vision stemmed from my love of nature and my need to preserve the diminishing natural environment. Since 2003, my work has involved landscape, conservation, preservation, and the environment in one form or another. Immersing myself in landscape through hiking and trail biking has led to many explorations with my camera. To be surrounded by the landscape is the best way to truly capture the landscape in photography.”
Artist reception: Sunday, March 21, 2010 from 12pm-2pm at Sparks Filling Station.

Amber Carky

Amber Carky-Oil Paintings & Ink wash: January 18, 2010 through March 14, 2010

Amber completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Master of Art in Teaching Program from MICA. She is an art instructor at Hereford High School. This exhibit is a collection of works that depict Baltimore landscapes of Northern Baltimore county and around Baltimore city.
“I can be inspired or intrigued simply by daylight passing through a living room bay window and falling upon a cluttered indoor space. I paint the same house in sunlight, snow, rain, dawn and twilight. These places I chose for one reason: their familiarity. They are spaces I know well, have resided in, or have visited often. They are completed on site, alla prima, in whatever conditions are present.”-Amber Carky
There will be an artist reception on Sunday, January 24, 2010 from 12pm-2pm at Sparks Filling Station.

Hereford High School student artwork

Hereford High School Art Exhibtion-November 29, 2009-January 17, 2010

The Sparks Filling Station gallery is currently displaying artwork by local Hereford High School students. The show includes a wide range of art mediums including photography, pastel, and painting.
Artist reception: Sunday, December 6, 2009 from 12pm-2pm.

Sybil Hebb
“Old Gas Pump, York Road” by Sybil Hebb

Sybil Hebb Photography Exhibition-September 13, 2009-November 15, 2009

Sybil Hebb is a local photographer from Northern Baltimore County. Her images capture local scenery including: old gas pumps, local farm land, and barns. This is her first solo show that includes digital color photography. Artist reception: Sunday, September 13 from 12pm-1:30 pm at Sparks Filling Station.

Her bio: “Sybil Hebb has studied photography with Constantine Manos, at the Provincetown Fine Arts Workshop, in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and with Joseph Hyde, in Baltimore. She has shown her work at the Hidden Talent on the Pond Show at the Weekapaug Yacht Club in Weekapaug, Rhode Island, at the Worthington Gallery, in Butler, Maryland, at Diddywops and Keefers, in Monkton, and at local Maryland arts fairs.”

Emma Lou Taylor
“Tsunami” by Emma Lou Taylor

“Global Warming” Painting series-July 19-September 6, 2009

Emma Lou Taylor is a 96 year-old artist from Northern Baltimore. She has a created a series of large acrylic paintings that are bold in color and slightly reminiscent of Georgia O’Keefe’s work. Her abstract paintings express natural phenomena and the effects of global warming. An artist reception will be held on Sunday, July 26, 2009 from 12pm-1:30pm.

Rebecca Pagani
“Untitled” by Rebecca Pagani

Oil Paintings by Rebecca Pagani-May 24-July 19, 2009

Rebecca is a Northern Baltimore artist and art teacher at Hereford Middle school. Her abstract mixed-media oil paintings are highly textured with many layers. She uses motfis of circles in all of her paintings to depict the cycle of life. An artist reception will be held on Sunday, July 12, 2009 from 12pm-1:30pm.

Emily Jo Campbell
“Untitled” by Emily Jo Campbell

Photographs & Illustrations Exhibition by Emily Jo Campbell-March 13-May 17, 2009

Emily Jo Campbell is a graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. She also took painting and drawing courses at MICA. Her digital color photography includes images of cups, saucers, and baked treats. Her oil pastel/chalk illustrations are lyrical and whimsical in nature depicting furniture, table settings, and donuts. Emily’s artist reception will take place on Friday, March 13, 2009 from 7 pm to 9pm.

Cream_Puff_Cake Slice
“Cream Puff Cake Slice” by Rebecca Bridges

Rebecca Bridges-Fiber Art and Photography Exhibition-December 12, 2008-February 20, 2009

Rebecca is a Fiber Artist & MICA student. She is displaying silkscreen fabrics and photography with a cupcake theme in our Gallery Space. If this images entices your sweet tooth, grab some desserts and a hot beverage from the barista. There will be an artist reception for Rebecca on Friday, December 12, 2008 from 7pm-9pm.

Jannon Baer
“Sun City” by Jannon Baer

Mixed-Media Paintings-Jannon Baer

Jannon is a mixed media painter who lives in Northern Baltimore. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV. Her acrylic paintings are textural abstract landscapes inspired by the elements & nature. There will be an artist reception on Friday, July 11th, 2008 from 6pm to 9pm.

The purpose of the Filling Station gallery is to be a comfortable, approachable gallery space. We exhibit art by local students, teachers, and other non-professional community artists. Our goal is to make art more accessible while highlighting the artistic process and development of local art.